Zebra Shades in Milwaukee

Explore our stunning collection of Zebra Shades in Milwaukee, featuring alternating panels of sheer and solid fabric for unique light control and privacy options. With their modern design and customizable features, our zebra shades add a touch of sophistication to any room while allowing you to create a personalized ambiance.

Alta Dual Shades

A modern and versatile window treatment that will transform any room. Dual shades, also referred to as Zebra Shades in Milwaukee or banded shades, combine solid and sheer linear bands to form a single shade that gives you precise light control. When aligned, solid bands seamlessly block natural light and ensure privacy; when shifted, the sheer bands transition to diffuse light and reveal the view.

Layered Shades | Zebra Shades

Layered shades (also known as zebra shades) offer a modern take on light control with their alternating bands of sheer and opaque fabrics. When open, the layers align to gently filter light through the sheer material, while closed bands block light for a clean, elegant look. Zebra shades come in exclusive prints, patterns, and textures to create a unique and distinctly modern feel.

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